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Pahang Darul Makmur, covers an area of 35,694 square kilometer, is the largest state in Malaysia with the population of one million people constitute a representative mix of Malaysia's three main ethnic communities, the Malays, Chinese, and Indian. The state consisted of 11 districts namely, Bentong, Cameron Highlands, Jerantut, Kuantan, Lipis, Pekan, Raub, Temerloh, Rompin, Maran and Bera. The state of Pahang encompasses a remarkable range of Malaysia's many different environments, from the majestic peaks and cool hill regions of the state's western region to the miles of soft sand beach along the South China Sea. Pahang in many ways, is the most wild and endemic state. Two thirds of its land is covered by unspoiled tropical rain forest. The State is bounded on the north by Kelantan and Terengganu, the east by the South China Sea, the south by Johor and Negeri Sembilan and the west by Selangor and Perak. Spanning north to south of the state is the Titiwangsa mountain range that also forms a natural divider between the Peninsula’s east and west regions. Pahang’s highest point is Gunung Tahan (2,187 m), which is also Peninsular Malaysia’s highest peak.

Visitors to Pahang are usually attracted to the state's famous hill resorts, its internationally-known island and beaches, or Taman Negara, the Peninsula's finest park. The natural heart of Pahang is unquestionably Taman Negara, Malaysia's oldest national park. Within the park is also the peninsula's highest point, the forest encrusted Gunung Tahan. Also in the interior are many of Malaysia's hill stations, mountain resorts where the tropical heat is kept at bay by the altitude. On the coast of Pahang, the jungle gives way to clean, palm-lined beaches, fishing villages, and the multicultural state capital, Kuantan.

Malaysia’s longest river, Sungai Pahang and tallest peak, Gunung Tahan are located in Pahang, offering white water rafters and mountain climbers an exhilarating experience. Much of the state is still covered by extensive rainforests. The jungles in Taman Negara, the country's most well-known national park is estimated by scientist to be about 130 million years old. The park is home myriad of flora and fauna and is high on itinerary of tourists seeking an experience of the rainforest. Special canopy walkways have been constructed to allow nature lovers a splendid view of the park surroundings. There are also elevated hides to allow for night viewing of wildlife. For the more adventurous, white-water rafting, trekking, camping, fishing and a host of other jungle activities make their stay in Taman Negara an exotic holiday in the Malaysian jungles. Tasek Bera and Tasik Cini in the southern sector of Pahang are two major natural freshwater bodies worth a visit. Observe the intriguing way of life of the Semelai aborigines in the jungles of Tasik Bera or participate in jungle tracking and exciting river safari activities. Apart from jungle adventures, Pahang offers fabulous resorts for those seeking a cool retreat to the hills. Cameron Highlands, with its cool climate is home to Malaysia's tea, vegetable and flower growing industries. Fraser's Hill which is only about 100km from Kuala Lumpur, is another cool hill resort dotted with quaint and colonial holiday bungalows. It is acknowledged as haven for bird watching enthusiast. Genting Highlands is an hour by road from KL and is perfect escapade for those seeking relaxation in a cool mountain setting. It also houses a world class casino, a theme park and an excellent 18-hole golf course.

In the vicinity of Kuantan, the capital of Pahang, there are tempting beaches such as the world-renowned cherating, the site of Asia's first Club Mediterranean, Teluk Champedak, Beserah and Balok. Tioman Island, acknowledged as one of the world's most beautiful islands, is accessible by boat from mersing or Tanjung Gemuk on the coast, as well as by air from Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. This fantasy island in the South China Sea is an irresistible retreat for sun seekers and diving enthusiasts. The takam Plantation Resort in Jerantut , near to Taman Negara, entices those interested in agro-tourism with its vast rubber and oil palm plantations and fruit orchards.

History of Pahang

Evidence of habitation in Pahang dates back to the Mesolithic Era during which the Mesolithic people lived in caves and mountains of Pahang. According to anthropologists and historians, Pahang was also home to the Middle Age men and the Last Stone Age (early Bronze Age men) and the Semang aborigine tribe.

Long famous for the deposits of tin and gold found along the upper reaches of Sungai Tembeling (Tembeling River), Pahang had attracted the interest of outside powers even before the founding of Melaka in 1400. Under the control of the maritime empire of Srivijaya (centered around Palembang in southeast Sumatra), Pahang had expanded to cover the entire southern portion of the Malay Peninsula in the 8th and 9th centuries.

With the collapse of Srivijaya around 1000, Pahang was claimed first by the Siamese and then, in the late fifteenth century, by Melaka. After Melaka fell to the Portuguese in 1511, Pahang became a key part of the territorial struggles between Acheh, Johor, the Portuguese, and the Dutch. Repeated raids, invasions, and occupations devastated the state until the decline of both Achenese and Portuguese power in the early 17th century that allowed Johor to re-establish its influence and became the great Johor-Riau Empire.

When the Johor-Riau Empire collapsed, one Bendahara Wan Ahmad proclaimed himself as Sultan of Pahang in 1882. Not long after that, the British imperialism manifested itself in Pahang with the appointment of a British Resident to the Sultan of Pahang in 1888.

Like others, the Pahang State also suffered during the Japanese occupation of Malaya until the year 1945. Then in 1948, it joined the Federation of Malaya, which gained Independence in 1957. Today, Pahang is a prosperous state with an expanding economy, fuelled by agriculture, manufacturing and tourism.


Accommodation facilities available for the state of Pahang are Swiss-Garden Resort Balok Beach, Kuantan, Holiday Villa Cherating, Legend Hotel Cherating, on Cameron Highlands are Strawberrypark Resort, Lakehouse Resort, Bala’s Holiday Chalets, Century Pines Hotels & Resort and on Fraser’s Hill are Fraser’s Silverpark Resort. For Kuantan City Centre we have Hotel Pacific Kuantan. For Taman Negara we bring to you Mutiara Taman Negara.


On the whole, Pahang’s climate is tropical monsoon. The temperature is relatively uniform within the range of 21°C to 32°C throughout the year. During the months of January to April, the weather is generally dry and warm. Humidity is consistently high on the lowlands ranging between 82% to 86% per annum. The average rainfall per year is 2,032 mm to 2,540 mm and the wettest months are from May to December.

Places of Interest in Pahang

Interesting places in Pahang not to be missed are their Islands & Beaches such as Balok Beach, Beserah Beach, Chendor Beach, Cherating Beach, Rompin and Lanjut Beach, Teluk Chempedak Beach, interesting island such as Tioman Island, Highlands resorts such as Cameron Highlands, Fraser's Hill, Genting Highlands and Bukit Tinggi. Other interesting places includes Empang Jaleh, Endau Rompin State Park, Gunung Senyum Caves, Gunung Tapis Park, Jeram Besu, Kenong Rimba Park, Kota Gelanggi, Lake Chini, Taman Negara, Tasik Bera and Tekam Plantation Resort.

Malaysia Hotels Dot CC, brings you some of the best hotels in the state of Pahang. On Cameron Highlands we bring to you Strawberrypark Resort, Lakehouse Resort, Bala’s Holiday Chalets, Century Pines Hotels & Resort and on Fraser’s Hill we bring to you Fraser’s Silverpark Resort. For Kuantan City Centre we have Hotel Pacific Kuantan and for Taman Negara we bring to you Mutiara Taman Negara. We present them here comprehensively with factual information on all our participating hotels and resorts for the state of Pahang.

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Bukit Gambang Resort City Kuantan is located within the greater Kuantan area – the capital city of Pahang State. It is the natural gateway to the East Coast states of Peninsular Malaysia. Kuantan radiates the feeling of an exotic beach town waiting to be re-discovered by the West Coast city dwellers due to the opening of the East Coast Expressway. CLICK HERE


Suria Cherating Beach Resort is an excellent choice of place, strategically position in one of the longest sandy beach in Malaysia. The Cherating Beach, popularly known among the locals for the fabulous gateway and steadily gaining its popularity as one of the heavenly beach destination in the midst of international tourists. CLICK HERE

Samsuria Beach Resort & Residences is located at the serene East coast of Malaysia along the South China Sea. The private stretch of beach offer guests peace of mind and quiet at the same time being close to local attractions surrounding the area. CLICK HERE

Le Village Beach Resort Kuantan is situated next to Balok beach which is known for having a variety of water sports available by the beach. The beach which belongs to the hotel offers exclusivity and privacy to the guests and patrons that enjoy a quiet time by the beach. CLICK HERE

The Legend Resort, Cherating is surrounded by lush tropical greenery with two beautiful landscaped free form swimming pools. The entire resort is built on 16 acres of land facing the South China Sea and is directly on the beach. With the garden and beach front, it provides and ideal environment for a perfect getaway. CLICK HERE

Situated on one of the finest beaches of the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia in the state of Pahang, Holiday Villa Beach Resort & Spa Cherating is a first class resort offering all the personal luxuries and pampering that you want and deserve. It has the perfect combination of great waves, white sandy beach, a plethora of dining choices and a happening nightlife that promises a comeback for most tourist. CLICK HERE

The Eastern Pavilion in Pahang, in the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia is equipped with a stunning view over looking the South China Sea where shades of blue and green mirror the blue sky flecked with shimmering sun rays which makes it an idyllic holiday setting that entices anyone who sets foot in Cherating, Malaysia. CLICK HERE


Swiss-Garden Resort Kuantan is an international class beach resort offering an idyllic retreat for the urbanite traveller. With excellent facilities and luxurious accommodation, guests are pampered from the moment they step through our doors.CLICK HERE


Suria Hill Country House Janda Baik Pahang is an infusion of luxurious modernity and Malay Kampung-style architecture and heritage. It is nestled in three acres of lush, landscaped gardens, a thriving tropical fruit orchard, and a lovely cool rushing stream. CLICK HERE


Suria Hot Spring Resort, Bentong, Pahang, Malaysia, offers 80 clean and warmly decorated rooms spread over 3 floors with excellent amenities such as individually air-conditioning, television, telephone, wardrobe, comfortable bed, coffee and tea making facilities and a whole lot of other services and complimentary provided by the resort.CLICK HERE

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