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Negri Sembilan literally means "Nine States" reflecting the historical confederation of nine states, which were finally unified under the Yam Tuan in 1889. These districts were under the rule of nine separate Malay chieftains. Today, only seven out of the nine districts remain; comprising Jelebu, Jempol, Kuala Pilah, Port Dickson, Rembau, Seremban and Tampin. Seremban is the capital of modern Negri Sembilan while its royal capital is Seri Menanti. Seremban, a thriving capital city well connected to Kuala Lumpur, a mere 50 kilometres away, by both road and rail.

Negri Sembilan is in the central region of the Malaysian Peninsula. To its north is the state of Selangor, its east Pahang and to the south lie Malacca and Johor. Negeri Sembilan is an area of 6,645 square kilometres of lovely valleys and plains which perfectly set off rolling green hills and mountains. Negeri Sembilan's eastern green mountainous terrain moves westward to gradually become rubber and oil palm plantations stretching across its western region While Seremban, as capital city, is the state's administration and commercial hub; Seri Menanti is Negeri Sembilan's Royal Town.

History of Negri Sembilan

History of Negri Sembilan can be traced back to the 15th and 16th centuries when Minangkabau settlers from Sumatra migrated to the region during the era of the Melaka Sultanate. These settlers initially settled in the regions of Naning, Sungei Ujong and Rembau, which at the time were parts of the Johor-Riau Empire. In the early centuries, Malaysia was dissected into little kingdoms ruled by Sultans who often fought amongst themselves for power and position. The Johor-Riau Empire at one time ruled lands from the Riau islands to districts in Negri Sembilan.

The Empire eventually went into decline and this together with the rise of the Bugis Sultanate in Melaka caused insurrections in the districts of Rembau, Sungei Ujong, Johol and Ulu Muar in 1770. Following these insurrections, the people of those regions invited a ruler from the royal house of Pagar Ruyong in their Sumatra homeland to rule them. Raja Melewar was proclaimed the first Yang Dipertuan Besar in Negri Sembilan in 1773. This dynasty prevailed and sits on the throne to this day.
Trade with the Straits Settlement flourished when tin was found. This however, led to fighting and unrest in Sungei Ujong, Rembau and Jelebu paving the way for British intervention and ultimately a British presence in the State in the form of the first British Resident, Martin Lister. With the use of treaties, the British brought the separate states closer to a federation and in 1889, Yam Tuan Seri Menanti was installed as the ruler of all Negri Sembilan. In 1896 Negri Sembilan became one of the Federated Malay States and in 1948 became part of the Federation of Malaya which finally achieved independence in 1957.

Places of Interest in Negri Sembilan


Besides Seremban, Port Dickson is also one of the major attraction in Negeri Sembilan with it's beautiful and sandy white beaches, blue sea of Straits of Malacca. There's a lagoon nearby Tanjung Tuan with casuarina trees which makes it a perfect spot for picnics. It's declared a safe zone from sharks. Hotels, resorts, restaurants, recreational parks stretch along the beaches of Port Dickson providing adequate facilities for tourists.

Tanjung Tuan (Cape Rachado)

Near Blue Lagoon is Tanjung Tuan (Cape Rachado) renowned for its' light house which was built by the British in 1860. On a bright and clear day, one can see Sumatera Island across the Straits of Malacca.

Tanjung Tuan is also a strategic location for bird watchers to observe migratory birds such as the eagle, swallows during the months of September, October, March and April.

Location: 16km fm P. Dickson at the border of Melaka State, about 35 mins. taxi ride from Port Dickson.


Located 30km, south-easterly from Seremban. This fort was built by "Raja Jumaat" on top of a hill, Bukit Gajah Mati in Lukut, 7km from Port Dickson. during the year 1826-27. Historic ruins is still traceable here such as; castle ruins, a poisonous well, ditches surrounding the fort, 4 cemented holes, martial art court and a pond. The cemetery ground of the Royal family of Raja Jumaat is within the vicinity of Lukut.


This complex is 35km away from Port Dickson town. The ancient historic tomb, Keramat Sungai Udang belong to a theologian, Sheikh Ahmad Majnun who was an arch rival of Sultan Mansur Shah, Sultan of Melaka who reigned during 1457-77. Tombstones written in Arab and Kawi (Ancient Sumatran Scripture) are also found here. It is megalith and crafted.


It is 28km south of Port Dickson. It was opened to the public in 1985. This is also one of the favourite spots for bird watchers. It is along the coastal area with a panoramic view, rest house facilities are found in this recreational forest.


The Sri Menanti palace was rebuilt to replace the former as it was burnt down during the civil war between Yam Tuan Antah and the British. Yam Tuan Tuanku Muhammad, the Yang DiPertuan Besar Negeri Sembilan renamed the palace as "Istana lama Sri Menanti". It was built in 1902 and completed by 1905. This palace is 4-storey high and has 99 stilts which represent the 99 warriors constitution. It has the Minangkabau "Rumah-rumah Adat" architecture.


Along the Seremban-Kuala Pilah road at 18km, you will find this recreational forest on top of Angsana Hill (Bukit Angsana), covered with tropical rain forest which is one of the oldest forest in the world, about 130 million years old. If you are in for a cool dip, there are water falls and a man- made lake.

Playground, parking space and shops are available here. For the adventurous, one should not miss jungle trekking to Gunung Angsi. There's also a river, Sungai Batang Terachi, a favourite spot for fishing, picnicking and swimming. This recreational forest is also a habitat for mousedeers, wild boar and monkeys. Tourists may enquire further information from the Information Centre in the park.


Jeram Toi is another recreational forest, known for it's 30 ft beautiful cascading water fall. It is located at km-28 along the Seremban-Kuala Klawang trunk road. Jeram Toi is a popular picnic spot among the locals. One can reach Jeram Toi by taking a 45 mins. bus ride from the Seremban bus station at Terminal One


In 1984, Lenggeng Recreational Forest was opened and it is 16km away from Seremban town. It has a 20 ft water fall. The surrounding is very breathtaking, full of greenery. Entrance is free.


Serting Ulu Recreational Forest comes with a water fall and a few rapids. It is located 3 miles from Jalan Batu Kikir - Simpang Pertang. Facilities such as parking area, suspension bridge, food stalls, lavatory and rest huts are available.


Located 2 miles away from Tampin town. The road leading towards the peak of Gunung Tampin is tared for visitors conveniences. It is a favourite spot for recreational activities and jungle expedition.

Other places of interest includes Blue Lagoon, Cultural Handicraft Complex, Fort Kempas, Pedas Hot Spring, State Museum, State Secretariat Building, Sri Menanti Palace, Seremban Lake Garden and Ulu Bendul Recreation Garden.

The North-South Expressway passes through Negeri Sembilan with interchanges at Seremban, Port Dickson, Senawang, & Linggi. It is roughly a 45 minutes drive from Kuala Lumpur to Seremban. PLUSLiner operates daily Interstate Coaches from Kuala Lumpur to Seremban. KTM Komuter service connects Seremban with KL Sentral.

This is Malaysia Hotels Dot CC, we bring to you some of the best hotel in Negri Sembilan Darul Khusus. We present them here comprehensively with factual information on all our participating hotels and resorts in Negri Sembilan Darul Khusus.

Welcome Malaysia Hotels Dot CC



Grand Lexis Port Dickson (formerly known as The Legend International Water Homes) is a resort-style escapade that offers unparalleled levels of luxury and comfort in which every unit has its own private pool and a well-landscaped garden, proudly offering both exclusivity and privacy amidst the mystic charms of its natural surroundings.

Come and experience a world of relaxation and romance at our newly opened resort. Elegantly designed with a Balinese touch, our Water Chalets offer you an unforgettable stay.....

Primalanda Port Dickson Resort & Convention Centre is Malaysia's Port Dickson first Water Theme Paradise Resort of it kind in Port Dickson Malaysia. Primalanda Port Dickson Resort & Convention Centre offers a complete holiday for everyone of all ages. A Resort that offers fun for the whole family.

Ancasa Resort located at the popular beachfront along the eight and a half mile of Pantai Teluk Kemang in Port Dickson, has opened its doors to holidaymakers and beach lovers. With much emphasis given to the ethnic and natural finishing of its interior decor, the resort is further enhanced by a beautiful Nusantara garden..

The Guest Hotel & Spa is situated in Bandar Dataran Segar in Port Dickson offes access to many food places and interesting visits for first timers wishing to have a simple and fun beach like holiday. The Guest Hotel & Spa is within minutes of the interesting local attractions.

Glory Beach Resort Port Dickson, a beach resort which is becoming more popular these days among local and foreign tourist. The gentle breeze from the Straits of Malacca, silver sandy beaches, exquisite landscape and elegantly designed hotel-apartments combine to make it a natural beauty, a creativity of excellence and superiority.

Imagine private beach, imagine seven finger piers reaching out into sea, imagine accomodations where the sea is beneath you and the sky above, imagine absolute tranquility, imagine sheer peacefulness, imagine pure relaxation, imagine charming atmosphere and imagine enchantng moments... this is no dream, this is AVILLION. CLICK HERE

Bayu Beach Resort is ideally located in the scenic seaview town of Port Dickson, fronting the sea. In this spectacular ocean-front resort, you will enjoy lavish comfort of our apartment, dining excellence and endless fun under the Sun - minus the high price! Bayu Beach Resort is the ideal holiday destination for the family, groups and even business.

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