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Malaysia is a multi-ethnic country of 23 million people. Malays form the predominant ethnic group. The two other large ethnic groups in Malaysia are Chinese and Indians. Malaysia is a unique nation. A nation built based tolerance incomparable anywhere else in the world. Malaysia is that veritable melting pot of Malays, Chinese, Indians, Thai, Arabs, Indonesians, Portuguese, Dutch, Eurasians, Vietnamese, Iban and Kadazan, Dayak, Iban, Kadazan, Bajau, Melanau and many more, . In short, Malaysia is an amalgam, a melting pot of people and culture, of style and influence, that permeates all aspects of life. Intermarriage has produced a fusion of cultures and most important of all is reflected in it local culinary. It is the sublime meeting of cultures on a platter that brings forth the robust flavors of its cuisines. Malaysia offers an exciting array of food outlets, from fast food to fine dining and everything in between. Local food alone offers Malay, Cantonese, Szechuan, Indian and Nyonya cuisine while international food covers the gamut from Japanese to Middle-Eastern, Italian and American.

The variety is endless, the choices astounding, the value unbeatable. Malaysian cuisine is exotic with an exciting range of flavours and culinary styles, be it Malay, Chinese, Indian or Western, you'll find it all and more. You can dine out at posh hotel restaurants, elegant chain restaurants, chic sidewalk cafes, and delicatessens or eat out at the many hawker stalls till the wee hours of the morning.

Malay food is rich and spicy arising from the use of spices and coconut milk. A favourite with Malaysians is nasi lemak, rice cooked in coconut milk served with anchovies, squid, eggs, cucumber and sambal (chili paste). Another popular food is satay, skewered chicken or beef marinated in spices, then grilled over charcoal fire. It is served with peanut gravy, rice cubes, cucumber and onions.

Indian food is the most spiciest. Various spice blends are used in Indian cuisine to give robust flavour to food. Indian-Muslim food is another favourite dishes include fish-curry head, murtabak, roti chanai, banana leaf rice, mee goring and many more.

Chinese food is mild in flavour but local influence has given it a slightly spicier taste. This type of food is usually stir-fried with a touch of oil to ensure that the result is crisp and fresh.

Nyonya or Peranakan food cooking comes with a tasty blend of Malay and Chinese food. It is characterised by sweet, sour, spicy and pungent flavours. The ingredients used with local spices are like chilies and coconut cream. The popular laksa lemak in spicy coconut milk-based noodle soup, with bean curd, bean sprouts and prawns in it.

Good Western food can easily be found in the bigger cities. In any case staple fast-food joints such as McDonald's, Kentucky Fried Chicken and Pizza Hut are present throughout the country and have become household names. In Kuala Lumpur, other staple fast-food joints such as Subways, Dominos, Burger King and Shakey’s are commonly available throughout the City and its suburb.

To cover the whole expect of food in Malaysia we shall divide the listing in two chapters. One to cover the fine dining at most of the posh hotel restaurants, elegant chain restaurants, chic sidewalk cafes, and delicatessens and the other we shall cover the local food galore of hawker stalls and the local Kopi Tiam or Kedai Kopi’s (Coffee Shops) outlets in the whole of Malaysia.

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